What is Monster Punk? Well, I started doing a radio show at KDVS 90.3FM in Davis, California the beginning of 2001. It was a punk show called “Monster Punk”. I played all sorts of punk rock. I’ve been active with the radio station ever since. For many years, I was a co-host on the Neonate radio show with Punk Roge. Then in 2015, I started doing my own radio show again every other Sunday night 10pm to midnight called “Punk Playground”.

The same year I started doing radio, I decided to eventually do my own distro where I could offer punk bands not always represented well enough and basically bands I really liked. I started getting things together and then my computer crashed and I lost everything! This put things on the back burner for several years. This whole thing has been a long time in the making. I wanted something that really worked with punkers. I didn’t just want a store or label or anything like that. I wanted a community. I wanted something that actually means something and here it is. [Still in the works.] And as crazy as it sounds, I’ve moved away from the idea of providing music for the distro. To be clear, I have not given up on punk music. Quite the contrary. I build upon the ideas that punk music has given. I want to give you resources and explore ideas. This is part of what punk is all about. I hope you find it interesting and continue to grow as I myself grow. I appreciate your support.

There is so much more to come! I’m excited about the future and I hope you come along for the ride.

Cheers! Up the punx!