Another Go At It

Hmm.. It is 2021 and I’m finally trying to get going. I can’t even remember when I first got (2000? 2001?). I wanted something that was a punk distro. For those unfamiliar with the term “disto”, it is a distribution of material. I wanted a way to get punk music and ideas out to others. I wanted to be like a record label, but more along the lines of getting ideas out with stickers, zines, buttons, etc. This never happened the way I thought it would.

I originally really wanted to support bands by selling their music, but I’ve decided this is a difficult task and I’m not really setup to do it. I feel it will be better if I support bands by highlighting them. I’m still trying to figure out stickers. Stay tuned for that portion of it. I have decided however that having digital zines is a good idea. Your support in this supports the site and everything I try to do. If only all the web stuff was free (yes, there are free sites out there, but you can’t offer what I want to with them) then I wouldn’t worry about selling stuff. Hopefully, you see all this effort as something worth supporting with your hard earned money.

Thanks for checking this out and I hope you find interesting, thought provoking, informative, entertaining, and useful information on this site.

Here’s to many more years of


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