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Creative Activism

So what is "Creative Activism"? Creative Activism is where the tools are given and the activist comes up with the final way the tools are used to create political/social commentary. Yes, this is a broad subject. We encourage you to come up with your own Creative Activism.

One thing I've seen is activists will use the "chalkboard" paint to spray paint where words go on some billboards so that other people can come up with what they are saying. This is a great creative activist empowerment activity.

What I've come up with are these rather regular looking BS stickers which stand out pretty good. What you do is use your BS Detector and place them where you see fit.

You get 5 BS stickers for $1! If you only want these stickers and nothing else we ask you to buy $5 worth and s&h is only $1. You can share them with your friends or give out at shows.

Your fellow punk rocker,
Riot MG

Monster Punk and everyone associated with Monster Punk have no say in how these stickers will be used. Monster Punk and all related do not endorse defacing property. We do endorse freedom of speech and expect you to use these stickers in a responsible and effective way.