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What does it mean: "Bands Supported on"

Many bands just like this Distro are DIY. That means they make their own music using their own money and most of the time hardly ever see a dime (usually more in debt than in anything) for all of their hard work. If they go on tour it would be rare that they make enough money for gas, food, motel room, etc.

Many of the bands on I buy directly from the bands. When you buy from you are one short step away from directly buying from the bands! This is a tremendous help to the bands! These bands are great and I try to support them as much as I can. When you buy from you help further this action.

I cover this more elsewhere but you must be aware that a lot of these bands make their own CD's. This means that many of them are CD-R's. Currently, does not make CD-R's. I did not make these CD's. I plan on making certain CD's in the future but you will be explicitely told which ones makes. I want you to know that I did not just get a copy of a band's music and make copies. That would defeat the purpose of this action. These CD's were made by the bands. I ordered them from the bands. They may not be perfect but if you have any problems with them just let me know and I'll get things fixed. Remember, when you order these CD's (some records too) you are practically buying them from the bands which is a great help.

Big music companies sell CD's to stores for about half price. The music companies charge their artists for all sorts of things including promotion. The artist barely gets much money from the sale of their music. Of course when you sell millions of copies the money adds up. It really is a screw for artists though.

I try to pick punk bands I can really get behind. So far, the only non-direct bands are the ones from Crass Records (Southern) but I was assured the bands get a pretty fair shake out of it.

More than just supporting the bands I want to support the punk scene and help you get some cool bands with cool stuff at good prices.

Your fellow punk rocker,
Riot MG