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A.N.S. (TX)

Anti Difrancos (MT)

Ass End Offend (MT)

Broken Society (CA)

Defaced (TX) (Limited)

Disgruntled Nation (MT)

Venal I.V. (MT)
Soon --> F.Y.H. (CA)
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Stickers of Political and Social thought: ($1 each or 8 for $5)
Democracy In Voting! Abolish the Electoral College
Back The Circle A
Peace Symbol - Round Sticker
People Before Profits
Support A Living Wage
More stickers coming soon!

Creative Activism

Special Creative Activism Sticker:
(5 for $1)

This is Version 1. A lot of things will change in the future. Please be patient but in the meantime we'd love to get your orders filled. Every order will get a free button or sticker! This is the way DIY Distro's were meant to be! Your help will make this Distro kick ass! Thank you!

The damn mailing list program is down. And so is the contact page. Damn spammers! New stuff is on its way so stay tuned for that!

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